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About Perfect World Co., Ltd.

Perfect World Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “Perfect World”) consists of three main business segments which are Perfect World Pictures, Perfect World Games and Perfect World E-sports. Perfect World Games was founded in 2004. Its first online game Perfect World won unprecedented success by its independently developed 3D engine and its contents adapted from Chinese traditional classic The Classic of Mountains and Seas. In July 2007, Perfect World Games was successfully listed on NASDAQ. And in 2008, Perfect World Pictures Co., Ltd. (“Perfect World Pictures”) was set up, then was listed on the Chinese A-share market in December 2014 (ticker: 002624). In July 2015, Perfect World Games completed its going private transaction.

In April 2016, Perfect World Pictures successfully incorporated Perfect World Games by issuing shares to purchase assets. In July of the same year, Perfect World Pictures Co., Ltd. announced that the listed company had been formally renamed as Perfect World Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Perfect World”), a move signifying that Perfect World Games was officially returning to the Chinese A-share market after completing the restructuring with its listed film and game businesses. The restructure had also created the largest movie and game conglomerate ever in China.

Between 2011 and 2021, Perfect World has been voted as one of the China Top 30 Cultural Enterprises ten times. The company was successively named as one of the 2011-2012, 2013-2014, 2015-2016, 2017-2018 Annual Key Enterprises for Cultural Exports. In 2016 and 2020, Perfect World was twice awarded the title of Most Socially Responsible Listed Company respectively, while in 2017, the company was honored as one of the most respected Chinese enterprises of 2016-2017, which shows the recognition from the whole industry. In 2018, the company won the title of Enterprise Model of China’s Social Responsibility for Games. In 2019, Perfect World won the award of Excellent Enterprise of Achieving Employee Happiness 2019.

Perfect World Pictures

The business segments of Perfect World Pictures (PWPIC) include production, brokering of artistic endeavors, entertainment and events hosting, game and movie integration alongside international businesses and investment. With in-depth knowledge of the cultural industry and special attention to high-quality talents, PWPIC has become the most important platform to incubate and cultivate Chinese filmmakers. So far, PWPIC owns such core filmmaking studios as Xinbaoyuan, Wanmei Pengrui, Wanmei Jianxin, Huamei Shikong, Jianghe Studio, Flying Youth and a number of incubator or creative studios. In terms of artist management, both the quantity and quality of the signed artists has grown along with the company. The company has been continuously using excellent works to promote the brand and business value of its artists, thereby boosting its rapid development in the industry.

PWPIC takes roots in the lives of ordinary Chinese people and has produced many popular film and television works that reflect their struggle for happiness, thus providing high-quality cultural products to the whole society. Perfect World Pictures has invested and produced popular films such as Sophie’s Revenge, The Piano in a Factory, Love is Not Blind, Up in the Wind, One Step Away, Let’s get Married, Extraordinary Mission, Angels Wear White and Shadow, as well as popular TV dramas including Dog Stick, To Elderly with Love, Beijing Youth, Men, Red Lady, Hot Girl, Legend of Chu and Han, Super Partner, Legend of Lu Zhen, Yangko Dance, Ice and Fire of Youth, The Legend of the Condor Heroes, Deepwater Forces, My! Physical Education Teacher, the Hero Dog series, The Flame’s Daughter and the Ferry Man series, The Way We Were, Suddenly This Summer, Perfect Youth, Ashes of Love, Mother’s Life, Stream, In Youth, Another Me, Love Under the Moon, The Legendary Tavern, Homeland, The Glorious Era, Forward Forever, Handsome Siblings, Skate Into Love, The Best of You in My Mind, And The Winner Is Love, Burning, Trident, Perfect Village and We Are All Alone, Dance of the Sky Empire, Heroes, The Rebel Princess, Storm Eye, Road to Rebirth, A Confirmed Bachelorette, Nichang, The smell of warmth, Glory and Dream, Lady Touch, New Horizon, and Go Into Your Heart. Meanwhile, it also invested in several popular variety shows like Go Fighting, King Cross, The King of Comedy, Back to Field, Unlimited Song Season, Amazing Dinner, Rookies, and Yue Nu Li Yue Xing Yun.

Moreover, PWPIC forged a strategic relationship with famous Hollywood studio Universal Pictures in 2016. The co-financing slate includes popular films such as The Bourne Identity 5, The Mummy, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again and so on. Darkest Hour, Phantom Thread and Victoria and Abdul, three films that Perfect World co-produced with Universal Pictures, were nominated at the 90th Academy Awards fourteen times for a total of nine awards including Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor. Darkest Hour won awards for Best Actor and Best Makeup and Hairstyling, while Phantom Thread won Best Costume Design. All three films were part of PWPIC’s investment cooperation with Universal Pictures. Besides, BlacKkKlansman and First Man both invested and produced by PWPIC won the 91st Academy Awards for Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Visual Effects respectively.

Popular TV series of Perfect World Pictures account for over 10% of prime time show in China. Its films and TV series have won many important awards in China and overseas markets, including the Flying Goddess Award, the Magnolia Award, the Best Works Award, the Tripod Award, the Huabiao Film Awards, the Hundred Flowers Award, the Golden Horse Award, and the Academy Award, etc. In July 2014, Chinese President Xi Jinping offered national gifts to Argentina during his visit, including DVDs of Beijing Youth, To Elderly with Love and Love Is Not Blind produced by the company.

In October 2016, Perfect World Cinemas Management Co., Ltd. was established, primarily engaged in the management of single-cinemas and cinema chains. In January 2018, Perfect World announced to transfer cinema-related assets to Perfect World Investment & Holding Group.

Perfect World Games

Perfect World Games was the first Chinese gaming company to pioneer the independent development of 3D game engines. As a global game developer, distributor and operator, its products cover client games, mobile games, console games, VR games and cloud games. Perfect World Games products have been distributed to more than 100 countries and regions, introducing global users to excellent Internet culture and contributing to the global popularity of Chinese culture.

With its strong technical strengths, innovative design capabilities, profound understanding in different cultures and rich marketing experiences, Perfect World Games has launched client-based online PC games such as Perfect World, My Own Swordsman, Perfect World II, Zhu Xian, Return of the Condor Heroes, Swordsman Online, Forsaken World, and Magic:Legends, a number of mobile games such as Return of the Condor Heroes, Legend of the Dragonslayer Sword Mobile, Zhu Xian Mobile, The Legend of the Condor Heroes Mobile, Dream Scape, Fire Like The Song, My Own Swordsman Mobile, Perfect World Mobile, Legend of Fox Spirit, Return of the Condor Heroes II, ReEvolve, New Swordsman, Albireo, Chronicle of Infinity, New Forsaken World, Fantasy New Jade Dynasty, and Shadow of Nyog, console games like Neverwinter Xbox One, 3on3 Freestyle (PlayStation 4 Version) and Remnant: From the Ashes, PC games like Star Trek Online and Unruly Heroes, and VR games including Subnautica.

Perfect World E-sports

As the exclusive carrier of well-known e-sports products such as DOTA2 and CS:GO in Chinese mainland, Perfect World has always been striving to provide players great entertainment experience in the arena of e-sports. Since 2015, Perfect World has successfully hosted the DOTA2 Asia Championships featured by the Chinese style three times, which were covered by mainstream media like CCTV. Meanwhile, it has successfully held international games and events such as China DOTA2 Supermajor and Perfect Ceremony. The company also assisted VALVE in hosting the 2019 International DOTA2 Championships (“TI9”), the world's most watched e-sports event, providing the firm a leadership role in enhancing the Chinese e-sports sector’s positioning and level of influence when it comes to major international events. Under the designation of VALVE, Perfect World has hosted the world’s top DOTA2 league - DOTA PRO CIRCUIT-CN REGIONAL LEAGUE since January 2021. In November 2021, the Hangzhou Asian Games Organising Committee (HAGOC) announced that DOTA2 will be an official event at the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022.

Perfect World started new leagues for DOTA2 and CS:GO in 2020. Through stable professional leagues, the company has created a better gaming environment for professional teams and players of the two games. The DOTA Pro Circuit (DPC) is the only official DOTA2 league authorized by Valve in the world, and the DPC points of the teams will directly affect their chances to secure a direct invite to the subsequent event of The Internationals (TIs). Perfect World hosts and operates the China DPC League, and the professional CS:GO leagues like PAL and PPL held by the Perfect World offer direct invites to the world’s top CS:GO MAJOR championships. The leagues offer dazzling stages for Chinese teams to compete for entries into international championships.

Hosted by Perfect World, College League and City Challenge are prominent for domestic college students and gamers of DOTA2 and CS:GO. Since 2018, the College League and City Challenge have been held in more than 20 major cities in China every year during spring and autumn. Meanwhile, campus commentary incubation and the recruitment platform for esports college leagues also help build a more complete college esports system.

Perfect World and Valve have been working on Steam China since June 2018, aiming at providing players and game developers more high-quality contents and more superior experience and services, so as to spur Chinese gaming enterprises, especially medium and small-sized to go overseas.