Since our inception in March 2004, we have developed, operated and distributed fourteen MMORPGs, namely, Perfect World, Legend of Martial Arts, Perfect World II, Zhu Xian, Chi Bi, Pocketpet Journey West, Battle of the Immortals, Fantasy Zhu Xian, Forsaken World, Dragon Excalibur, Empire of the Immortals, Return of the Condor Heroes, Saint Seiya Online, Swordsman Online and Holy King. All of our games are developed by using our proprietary game engines and offer "anytime play," meaning users can play the games 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our games offer significant opportunities for social interaction in cyberspace. Life-like features in some of our games include marriages among online characters and martial arts apprenticeships, which are historical associations formed by martial arts masters according to Chinese legends. In addition, characters in our games may visually express feelings by their actions or by using emotive icons that appear within a character's dialogue box. We believe that these features significantly expand the interface for player interaction, allow players to express their own personalities or virtual personalities through their virtual characters and create a certain level of social reality in the game.

Although each game character may be unique, groups of players may, and often must, form teams or alliances to achieve certain collective game objectives, such as battles and missions. Our games also incorporate instant messaging systems and chat rooms, which allow players to communicate and interact with each other in real-time groups or in one-on-one discussions. The bulletin boards in our games allow players to post notes or inquiries and respond to other players' notes or inquires.
Launched MMORPGs
Perfect World
Perfect World is a 3D adventure and fantasy MMORPG with traditional Chinese settings. Players can take on various roles, including swordsmen, magicians, archers, priests and magical creatures. Characters develop skills over time, use magical weapons and team up with other players to fight against monsters and various creatures and to conquer and govern territories. We launched Perfect World in January 2006 and adopted a time-based revenue model for this game.

Legend of Martial Arts
Legend of Martial Arts is a 3D cartoon adventure MMORPG based on a popular TV drama series with the same Chinese name. Legend of Martial Arts is an adventure story of Chinese swordsmen set in an ancient kingdom. It is designed to provide a more light-hearted and less intense game environment than Perfect World. The game attempts to capture the look and feel that has made the TV series a hit with the Chinese public. We launched Legend of Martial Arts in September 2006 and adopted an item-based revenue model for this game.

Perfect World II
Perfect World II is a 3D MMORPG set in a similar content and graphic background as Perfect World. Compared to Perfect World, we adopted an item-based revenue model for Perfect World II, and further improved the playing methods and game environment. We also optimized the visual effects of our in-game items to enhance the attraction to players and transaction volumes. We launched Perfect World II in November 2006 and adopted an item-based revenue model for this game. Perfect World II is the first game we licensed to overseas game operators.

Zhu Xian
Zhu Xian is a 3D MMORPG based on a popular Internet novel with the same name. The Internet novel was ranked the No. 1 most read Internet novel in 2005 and was among the top five most read Internet novels in 2006 according to the click statistics of, Inc. The basic story concept of Zhu Xian is a martial arts focused adventure set in a fantasy world. The game players are able to experience the various fantastic scenes and plots that have made the Internet novel popular, such as martial arts training, use of magical weapons, upgrading of special capabilities and contests to obtain magical treasure, from the perspectives of the novel characters that they choose to play. We also add a time dimension, so that the player can enter into any game scenario based on the time parameter that they select without having to wait for the plot development like a novel reader. We believe that this feature diversifies the game content and increases players' interests in the game environment. We launched Zhu Xian in May 2007 and adopted an item-based revenue model for this game.
Chi Bi
Chi Bi is a war epic 3D MMORPG based on the Three Kingdoms, a well-known period in ancient Chinese history. This game is designed to include various in-game weapons and large-scale map of the game environment in a historical cultural setting. The Three Kingdoms system allows online game players to freely choose any kingdom to join, whether it is the Kingdom of Wei, Shu, or Wu, players are provided with full experience of the historical battles of the Three Kingdoms period. In addition to the Three Kingdoms system, the game' s differentiating features and content include motion fighting system, reputations system, epic task system, map exploring system, title system, dungeons system, battlegrounds system, PVE battlegrounds system, charms socketing system, armory set system, 18 legendary weapon system, and daily missions. We co-promoted Chi Bi alongside the movie "Red Cliff,"which has the same Chinese names as Chi Bi, in mainland China. We launched Chi Bi in January 2008 and adopted an item-based revenue model for this game.
Pocketpet Journey West
Pocketpet Journey West is a pet-themed 3D MMORPG based on "Journey to the West," one of the four classical novels of Chinese literature. It is designed to include distinctive adventurers and fancy elements adapted from the novel, such as "cloud surfing," which enables players to fly in the game and "72 changes," which gives game characters the ability of transformation. Other unique features include an aerial combat system that allows game characters to participate in fighting scenes in the sky, and diversified pet systems which enable gamers to tame monsters into pets, raise, and enhance the attributes of their pets. We launched Pocketpet Journey West in October 2008 and adopted an item-based revenue model for this game.
Battle of the Immortals
Battle of the Immortals is our first 2.5D mysterious adventure MMORPG, which is developed based on our "Cube" engine. The game allows online game players to travel between Eastern and Western cultures, featuring the themes that range from Norse mythology to the history of China's Qin Dynasty. Other highlights of the game include adventures in historic sites, turf wars and a special saint armor system. All of these features cater to players with different interests. We launched Battle of the Immortals in April 2009 and adopted an item-based revenue model for this game.
Fantasy Zhu Xian
Fantasy Zhu Xian is our first 2D turn-based MMORPG, which is based on a popular internet fantasy novel "Zhu Xian." The game represents the world of "Zhu Xian" in a refreshing cartoon style. The game is run on the Company's proprietary EPARCH 2D engine and can exhibit such special visual effects as "reflections," "particle effects" and "translucency effects." It also features a flying system that introduces a concept of altitude into a 2D game, which is very creative and advanced in terms of technology. We launched Fantasy Zhu Xian in October 2009 and adopted an item-based revenue model for this game.
Forsaken World
Forsaken World is a 3D MMORPG set against the backdrop of a fantasy world. In the game, a fantasy world called "Grand Mundo" is created where players themselves alter the fate of "Grand Mundo" through their individual actions in the game. The game features exciting elements such as "Rule of Time," "Rule of Space," "Magic" and "Divinity." Forsaken World adopts a system of annalistic history, and allows players to impact core contents such as the epoch, the orbiting of constellations and the birth of deities. We launched Forsaken World in October 2010 and adopted an item-based revenue model for this game.
Dragon Excalibur
Dragon Excalibur is our first 2D real-time MMORPG. Set against a backdrop based on ancient Chinese mythology, Dragon Excalibur is populated by deities, humans and demons, and allows gamers to travel through a virtual world filled with fantastic scenes inspired by over 5000 years of Chinese history. The game runs on our brand new game engine and features lustrous visual effects, clan battles that blend Eastern and Western fighting styles, diversified pet systems, and innovative classes and skills. It also brings compatible 3D lens zooming in a 2D online game. We launched Dragon Excalibur in October 2010 and adopted an item-based revenue model for this game.
Empire of the Immortals
Empire of the Immortals is the second 2.5D MMORPG in our "Immortals" franchise. Featuring the international style of the "Immortals" series and running on an upgraded "Cube" engine, the game renders novel gaming experiences and exciting visual effects to satisfy various tastes of different players. In addition to a vast selection of vehicles built on ancient armory and weapons technologies, players can also choose from various classes, and enjoy unique features and play modes including "Family Wonders," "Spirit System" and "Turf War System." We launched Empire of the Immortals in March 2011 and adopted an item-based revenue model for this game.
Return of the Condor Heroes
Return of the Condor Heroes is our 2D turn-based MMORPG adapted from Louis Cha’s acclaimed martial arts novel of the same name. In a traditional 2D turn-based online gaming environment, the game adopts some advanced 3D technologies to render delicate visual effects and various fun options to players. Return of the Condor Heroes also introduces exciting features, including “Qinggong,” a gameplay that adopts a style of martial arts with gravity-defying moves, and a powerful pet system. We launched Return of the Condor Heroes in September 2012 and adopted an item-based revenue model for this game.
Saint Seiya Online
Saint Seiya Online is a 3D comic-based MMORPG adapted from the globally famous comic series "Saint Seiya." The game presents a variety of classic elements from the original comic. Running on Perfect World' s proprietary game engine, Saint Seiya Online renders exquisite graphics, elaborate game design and a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience to players. We launched Saint Seiya Online in May 2013 and adopted an item-based revenue model for this game.
Swordsman Online
Swordsman Online is a 3D martial arts MMORPG adapted from Louis Cha's acclaimed classic martial arts novel of the same Chinese name. Running on Perfect World's "Angelica III" game engine, the game presents exquisite visual effects and recreates the grand and free martial arts world depicted in the original novel. The game also features a refreshing design of martial arts actions and combat, dazzling character skills, and various interesting instances full of fun and challenges. Additionally, the game involves gamers in active interaction with others and embeds captivating story plots. We launched Swordsman Online in June 2013 and adopted an item-based revenue model for this game.
Holy King
Holy King is a 3D fantasy MMORPG adapted from the popular online novel of the same Chinese name. Running on Perfect World’s proprietary “Echo” game engine, the game presents an immersive fantasy world with vivid graphics and grand scenery. Featuring a fantasy setting and fierce battles, “Holy King” blends various refreshing gameplay features entertaining players with the ability to devour all things as they progress in the game, a wide variety of profession combinations to choose from, flexible transformation abilities, and the opportunity to experience battles in different forms including vigorous fighters when alive and soul fighters after being slain. We launched Holy King in September 2013 and adopted an item-based revenue model for this game.