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About Perfect World

Perfect World, booming from the Archosaur Studios, officially founded its online game business (“Perfect World Games”) in 2004. Its first online game “Perfect World” won unprecedented success by its independently developed 3D engine and its contents adapted from Chinese traditional classic The Classic of Mountains and Rivers. In July 2007, Perfect World Games was successfully listed on NASDAQ. And in 2008, Perfect World Pictures Co., Ltd. (“Perfect World Pictures”) was set up, then was listed on domestic A-shares market in December 2014 (ticker: 002624). In July 2015, Perfect World Games completed its going private transaction.

In April 2016, Perfect World Pictures successfully incorporated Perfect World Games by issuing shares to purchase assets. In July of the same year, Perfect World Pictures Co., Ltd. announced that the listed company had been formally renamed as Perfect World Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Perfect World”), a move signifying that Perfect World Games was officially returning to the Chinese A-share market after completing the restructuring with its listed film and game businesses. The restructure had also created the largest movie and game conglomerate ever in China.

The business segments of Perfect World Pictures (PWPIC) include production & marketing, cinemas management, artist management, investment, mergers & acquisitions and so on. Perfect World Pictures reaped outstanding results by its excellent works with almost 600 episodes of TV series every year. Its popular TV series account for over 10% of prime time show in China. Its films and TV series have won many important awards in China and overseas markets, including Flying Goddess Award, Magnolia Award, Tripod Award, Huabiao Award, Hundred-flower Award and Golden Horse Award, etc. In July 2014, President Xi offered national gifts to Argentina during his visit, including DVDs of “Beijing Youth”, “To the Elderly with Love” and “Love Is Not Blind” produced by the company. In October 2016, Perfect World Cinema Line Management Co., Ltd. and Perfect World Cinemas Management Co., Ltd. were established, primarily engaged in cinema line management and cinemas management. The companies’ main businesses include investment and construction of cinemas, film distribution, film screenings and theater-related derivatives business, including goods sales and advertising publishing.

As China’s earliest online game company with overseas operations, Perfect World Games ranked first in terms of overseas revenues of Chinese online games for many consecutive years against other domestic rivals. The company has exported its products to more than 100 countries and regions, and set up a global operational platform. The company operates its games in North America, Europe and Asia through its own subsidiaries. Its games have also been successfully licensed to a number of countries and regions in Asia, Latin America, and the Russian Federation and other Russian speaking territories. Perfect World Games delivers quality internet entertainment products for global users, and contributes to Chinese culture exchange in the world.

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